Narrow at the Nou Camp – Barça v Valladolid

The last game before the return of the Champions League: Valladolid in la Liga at home. Barcelona was rotated and a bit bruised. Valverde rotated Suarez, Rakitic, and Coutinho to the bench, while giving Dembélé, Arturo, Vermaelen and Kevin "Prince" Boateng the start alongside most of the usual suspects. So how did Valverde's team look…Read more Narrow at the Nou Camp – Barça v Valladolid

Showdown v Valencia – Nou Camp 2.2.2019

Yesterday Barcelona hosted Valencia at the Nou Camp. The game was a stormy mess of rage, weariness, and tension. Where are Barça right now? What kind of vibe is surrounding the team? Honestly, the season has been a very close one in la Liga--contrasting last year's relative cake walk through Spain--so the pressures made by…Read more Showdown v Valencia – Nou Camp 2.2.2019

The Deficit

Barcelona's 5-1 AGG loss to Real Madrid in the Supercopa de España has signaled a palpable shift in the power dynamic in Spanish football. Any talk that the two sides maintaining parity in spite of Madrid's recent la Liga title and three Champions leagues in the last four years has been, for the time being,…Read more The Deficit